In main.js

import axios from 'axios';

axios.defaults.headers.common = {
    'Authorization': 'JWT ' + Vue.auth.getToken()

axios.defaults.baseURL = process.env.VUE_APP_BASE_URL; //TODO: append the trailing slash

// Add modified axios instance to Vue prototype so that to be available globally via Vue instance
Vue.prototype.$http = axios;

Everything works fine up to this point. (I am able to successfully login and store the token)

Now, I have another component that fetches a list of users from the server through an ajax call performed on component’s created() lifehook. My problem is that when I am trying to access this.$http in component I get back a 401 error response from the server because Authorization header is not available to the request headers (although I have pre-configured axios.defaults.headers.common)

The strange thing is that if I hit the refresh button on my browser then the token is correctly attached to the request header and the list of users is successfully fetched**.**

Could anyone please explain to me why is that happening?

  • Can you post the code of the component that is using Axios? – Ru Chern Chong Dec 26 '18 at 12:35

Have you tried using asios.create?


import axios from 'axios'
import env from '../config/env'
import store from '../store'

export default (() =>
    baseURL: env.API_HOST,
    headers: {
      common: {
        Authorization: store.getters['user/getAuthToken']


import http from './http'

Vue.prototype.$http = http

Additionally I use a store action to update the axios client:

updateHTTPClientAuthToken () {
  Vue.prototype.$http.defaults.headers.common.Authorization = this.getters.getAuthToken

You can user axios request interceptors to add your headers globally

axios.interceptors.request.use(function (config) {
// Do something before request is sent
  return config;
}, function (error) {
// Do something with request error
   return Promise.reject(error);

you can access your current request readers using config.header and you can set the headers to the request like

config.headers = {
   'Authorization': 'JWT ' + Vue.auth.getToken()


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