I have already written a PowerShell script mixed with CMD and using rasphone to create a VPN connection and connect to it.

But some times, the VPN connection is stuck on "Connecting". enter image description here

I just try to write a script that could abort the connection attempt and then that will try to connect again to the VPN. But I searched for several hours and tried many things, with no luck.

Here are what I tried when it's stuck on "Connection":

-rasphone -h (or -r) > nothing happens

-rasdial "" /disconnect > it says that it is already disconnected

-Remove-VpnConnection -Name $name -Force > it says that it is not possible when the connection is in use

I have no more idea, I did many searches but couldn't find a solution, I hope I can get some help here, thanks.

  • You could try in cmd: net stop netman && net start netman or using PowerShell: Stop-Service -Name netman; Start-Service -Name netman. For both: run as Admin – Theo Dec 27 '18 at 19:41

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