I need to transfer an app to another account. I already transferred many apps. But Google might have changed the way to get TRANSACTION-ID.

I've already visited below answers: and all seems OUT-DATED.

They all are suggested to go-to Payment Page. I tried all the URLs listed below.

But they all are redirecting on the same very same Url !! and displaying page below:

enter image description here

So is there any Url which reaches the correct page which can provide TRANSACTION-ID.


After many searches I found an answer for it.

With the help of this answer, in some different way, I tried to search payments-noreply@google.com keyword from inbox. And I found email like below image:

enter image description here

I used Order number which is highlighted in image and it worked like charm. This number usually start with PDS. I guess.

=====> UPDATE 1st Fab. 2019 <=====

You can get form from here. But using it we got an error like below:

transaction id error by play-store

I append PDS. before Payments profile ID get from google payment page.(displayed below.)

payments.google page

For example my Id was 4766-8303-0058 and now Id is PDS.4766-8303-0058 you can use.

Done. It works like charm.(as of now!) App. transferred successfully within 5-6 hours.

NEW or upcoming functionality

There seems all new way to transfer app. from this page. it redirects direct to play-console. but it donsen't seems working well this time. It's throwing error for transactionID.

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    how many days did it took you between creating a new play account and trnasferring it? I am still getting: The transaction ID does not match for this developer account even though i put PDS.x.x..... – WantIt Jan 20 at 18:23
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    @WantIt , I think 12-24 hours. not more then a day. – Rumit Patel Jan 21 at 4:55
  • @WantIt Have a look at this thread - seems they have problem with the form: productforums.google.com/forum/#!msg/play/SVV7SAWs68s/… – Tapirboy Jan 31 at 9:27
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    Thanks for answer. I was fighting with this issue for several days. I'll check it ASAP. – Paweł Iwaneczko Feb 9 at 13:22

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