I am trying to build an application, to map a Bluetooth headset button for a different purpose.

The problem I am trying to solve: There are many of us who are constantly on conference calls, and uses Bluetooth headsets. Although Google has published Headset button guidelines, not all manufacturers follow that. For eg. the guidelines say, long press of the center button on a 3 button headset, should mute/unmute the call. But, I have a LG Force Headset, which puts the call on hold, when long pressed. I have another headset which doesn't respond to long press at all.

The request for a dedicated mute 'hardware' button on the phone or on the headset has been going on for a long time now. There are some headsets with dedicated mute button. There are some apps on the app store, which claims it can re-map the bluetooth buttons to do required functionality. I have tried the apps and they don't work and I think I know why. So, the only option is get rid of current headset and get a new one with dedicated mute button.

The reason why currently available apps won't work is probably because of the change in behavior introduced in Oreo.

Quote: Apps should be able to handle media button events in three cases, in this order of priority:

When the app's UI activity is visible, When the UI activity is hidden and the app's media session is active, When the UI activity is hidden and app's media session is inactive and needs to be restarted

With those change in restrictions, the app to re-map the buttons, never gets the broadcast information from Bluetooth headset.

So, I thought of building an application using Accessibility Services (I read through https://www.tooploox.com/blog/unusual-ways-using-android-accessibility-services) and capturing button press from Bluetooth headset. The application is correctly capturing the button press from Wired headset and the physical buttons on the mobile phone. But, nothing is happening when I press button on Bluetooth headset.

I read through this blog (http://mikesgeneralblog.blogspot.com/2015/08/controlling-bluetooth-buttonsof-course.html) which says, I need to suppress the key events from Bluetooth device, before I can reprogram it. But, I couldn't understand the way to do that from my app.

So, my question is, could you please help with what I need to do, to intercept Bluetooth headset button actions?

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