I'd like to convert an excel spreadsheet to a component of c# code. To get it goin' I like to get all cells of a sheet containing fomulars into c# via interop. In the c# module I'd like to solve the defined fomulars with different values replacing the cell references in the fomular. Is there a framework where I can for example convert a "SUM($C3 : $C5)" from excel to a "var sum = c3 + c4 + c5;" or semilar formulars?

regards gordon

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Is this something you'll do repeatedly or just one time?

We're using www.spreadsheetgear.com to manipulate Excel spreadsheets from C# and it works wonderfully. Our needs are different, so you should study the API to see if it gives you access to the text of the forumulas, but I think it might.

No affiliation - just a satisfied customer.

  • Getting the formular out of the spreadsheet is not the problem. This is already accomplished via office-interop. The result is the fomular in string format. I want to replace references like "C22" with another value and then solve the formular without excel. Since I'm already in c# code I'd like to solve the formular there. – Martin Hudasch Mar 22 '11 at 15:36
  • Oh I see it can evaluate calculations given to it. This might be a solution but since it's not free I think I could not use it. But it gets the solved. – Martin Hudasch Mar 22 '11 at 15:43

I think you are looking for an expression evaluator in C#.

Google found a few that I think you should look at:

You might also need implementations of all those built-in Excel functions. There's a library with all the financial functions re-implemented in F# by Luca Bolognese - find it on MSDN.

More power than what you need, but with some luck only a thin interface wrapper is needed to pump data out of execl into formula engine:

FormulaEngine is a .NET assembly that enables you to add formula support to your application. It takes care of parsing and evaluating formulas, tracking their dependencies, and recalculating in natural order. The formula syntax and much of the engine's functionality are direct replicas of Excel ensuring a low learning curve for users.

Link: FormulaEngine

Update: I recently started a similar python library: pycel

Check out ActiveMesa X2C, which does precisely that. (Disclaimer: I'm the author of said product.)

I don't know about your ultimate goal, but might it not be easier to write some VBA code within excel to compute your formulas instead of forcing the spreadsheet to calculate stuff by changing references and values?

  • The goal is to reuse formulas defined in excel cells in a c# library to do massive calculations. – Martin Hudasch Mar 22 '11 at 15:56

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