I'm new in Android. I have large amount of records on server and I want to show them in android app. I think about make drawer with recycle view inside and load hundreds of records to RecyclerView.

1) Is it correct way to show such amount of records in drawer -> RecyclerView

2) how to create drawer with RecyclerView inside?


Your question is similar to the previously asked question. you can take help from this link: Adding RecyclerView inside of DrawerLayout

However, adding recyclerview to drawer is neither good nor bad. It just depends upon the functionality of the app and the User Experience. If it makes the app more readable and work properly without any crashes then it's good, otherwise it will not be useful. Thank You. Hope it will help. For the source code, you can refer this link: https://github.com/dnitinverma/Recyclerview-In-Navigation-Drawer


You should not put RecyclerView inside drawer.

  • Why I should not put RecyclerView in drawer? – Nikolay Podolnyy Dec 27 '18 at 6:24
  • Becasue the point of using RecyclerView is when You have a lot of items and adding them all at once could significantly decrase your App performance or scrolling list could take too much resources. That is what RecyclerView is for, it prevents from creating a huge amount of View/Object, instead it is recycling them. Inside Drawer you should put items which are previously declared. Drawer is not meant to be used with huge lists, it is bad practice to do. If You really have a lot of items/options which You would like to implement, You should use different view/solution to do it – DawidJ Dec 27 '18 at 6:33

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