I created a module for my Alchemy project which generates some elements that can be manipulated on the admin panel. We'll call this module menu. I can add menus, edit menus or delete menus. I've made buttons on the admin panel for each of these functions.

Now I'm trying to sort the menus which I created via the admin panel. This also sorts their order of appearance on the site itself. I want to sort these elements by their id. They currently seem to be sorted by their created_at or updated_at field in the database (I'm not sure which). I just want to sort them by their id field instead of either of those fields. And ideally, I also have a position field that I would like to sort them by instead of even the id. I would like to be able to sort this from the model and reflect it back to the view. But if it can only be done on the view, then that's fine too. Finally, I would like to make these elements draggable and that dragging them would change the value of the position in the DB.

Unfortunately, I'm really not sure how to go about this. I've tried to use ActiveRecord::Querying#order, but it hasn't worked. I also found in the view code for the sitemap on the admin panel a @sorting variable which seems like it might be used for sorting these elements, but I'm not sure which method is supposed to manipulate this variable.

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