error message came when im printing a barcode using TSC printer. One of my windows7 system, its ok.. but other windows7, 10 all are shows this message. please suggest me any way to solve this issue.

I already try with XAMPP 5.6... and now im using XAMPP 7.3.0

for ($i=$a;$i<=$pieces;$i++){

    $number = sprintf("%'.05d", $i);

    $TSCObj = new COM ("TSCActiveX.TSCLIB");
    $TSCObj->ActiveXopenport("TSC ME240");
    $TSCObj->ActiveXsetup("101.6", "127", "5.0", "13", "0", "3.048", "0");

    $TSCObj->ActiveXsendcommand("BAR 1,57, 810, 3");
    $TSCObj->ActiveXsendcommand("BAR 1,746, 810, 3");
    $TSCObj->ActiveXwindowsfont(756,727,30,180,2,0, "arial", "Document No.");
    $TSCObj->ActiveXprintlabel("1", "1");

my expected result is Print barcode and other corresponding details.. but this error displayed in the page.

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