I am trying to create a web app for learning purpose. I have used flask web framework. I have app tree as below.

│   ├───static
│   │   ├───css
│   │   ├───fonts
│   │   ├───img
│   │   │   └───faces
│   │   └───js
│   │       ├───core
│   │       └───plugins
│   └───templates
│       └───admin
│           └───includes
│   ├───templates
│   │   └───hotels
│   └───theme-albert
│       ├───assets
│       ├───css
│       ├───fonts
│       ├───img
│       │   └───faces
│       └───js
│   └───templates
│       └───site
    │   └───faces

hotels is a subdomain as registered below.

# registering blueprint routes
app.register_blueprint(api.routes.mod, url_prefix='/api')
app.register_blueprint(admin.routes.mod, url_prefix='/admin')

I am trying to create routes as

from flask import Blueprint,render_template
mod=Blueprint('hotels', __name__ ,  template_folder='templates',static_folder='theme-albert'

def index(hotelname):
    return render_template('hotels/index.html', hotelname=hotelname) 

Now, i am expecting this to get resolved in view index.html

<script src="{{ url_for('.theme-albert', filename='js/jquery-1.11.2.min.js') }}"></script>

But obviously, i get an error as

BuildError: Could not build url for endpoint 'hotels.theme-albert' with values ['filename']. Did you forget to specify values ['hotelname']?

Question 1: do i need to pass hotelname in a circular loop as

def index(hotelname):
    return render_template('hotels/index2.html', hotelname=hotelname)


<script src="{{ url_for('.theme-albert',hotelname='{{ hotelname }}' , filename='js/functions.js') }}"></script>

i think there will be a better way!!

Question 2: Assuming i need to implement multiple theme choices for hotels sub-domain blueprint? can someone suggest me a good read?

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