In my GKTurnBasedMatch, if a player quits the turn is then passed onto the second player. As this is only a two player game, I automatically make them win upon receiving the notification.

But for some reason, the App Icon badge is still showing 1 notification? I'm not sure why this hasn't dismissed?

Here's what I run when the notification of the other player quit comes through:

func CheckForWin (matchToCheck: GKTurnBasedMatch) {

for opponent in matchToCheck.participants {
    if opponent.matchOutcome == .quit {

        matchToCheck.currentParticipant?.matchOutcome = .won
        matchToCheck.endMatchInTurn(withMatch: Data()) { (error) in

            // All Done, load the matches again...

UPDATE: Still no luck with this so I've had to go with a band-aid fix by instead of ending the match I just make the last remaining player also quit the match with the match outcome as winner. I assume this ends the match? But I can't find the difference between endMatchInTurn and when all players quit the match.

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