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I have a program that lets you open either a calculator or a "number generator". You pick which one to open by entering C or N into the console. The code is pretty complex for me as I just started learning C++ and so I wasn't really able to scope out any issues with it. Also, I have defined all the variables shown and included .

However, no matter what I enter at the beginning (even if it's an invalid answer, like Q or 123), it opens the calculator.

void init()
    std::cout << "Open calculator or number generator? ( C or N ): ";
    std::cin >> firstpick;

int main()
    if (firstpick == 'c' || 'C')
    else if (firstpick == 'n' || 'N')
    else if (firstpick != 'c' && 'n' && 'C' && 'N')
        std::cout << "ERROR: Invalid answer to init";

    return 0;

The expected result is to allow me to open either C or N and to have the program return an error when I enter an invalid answer, but it always opens C no matter what.

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    Your code simply will not compile, so its behaviour is moot. – Neil Butterworth Dec 27 '18 at 21:52
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    if (firstpick == 'c' || 'C') is always true – UnholySheep Dec 27 '18 at 21:53
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    More relevent: 'C' is always true. – Mooing Duck Dec 27 '18 at 21:53
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    change that to if (firstpick == 'c' || firstpick == 'C') and also change the other if statements in the same way. you cannot chain || or && the way you are doing it. – Chris Rollins Dec 27 '18 at 21:54
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    Change if (firstpick == 'c' || 'C') to if (firstpick == 'c' || firstpick == 'C') and other conditions accordingly. – πάντα ῥεῖ Dec 27 '18 at 21:55

firstpick == 'c' || 'C' will always return true.

firstpick == 'c' may evaluate to false but the 2nd half of the statement is just 'C' which, as a none-zero value, will evaluate to true.

Change your logic to if (firstpick == 'c' || firstpick == 'C') and follow the same pattern for the number generator logic.


Your code is

if (firstpick == 'c' || 'C' != 0)

to get your effect you need to do...

if (firstpick == 'c' || firstpick == 'C')

You write your if functions wrongly.

|| logical OR separates two logical conditions of which at least one should be true to produce true value as result.

In your case conditions checked by the first "if" are:

  1. firstpick == 'c' and
  2. 'C'

So your if is going to produce true if 1. or 2. or both are true.

Of course as you can see now 2. is always true so the whole if always returns true.

Try change your ifs like this:

if (firstpick == 'c' || firstpick == 'C')

And it should work better.


You did not define what firstpick is so the code you presented cant compile. You also need to return a char from your initialization function. This code below should do what you need. Also you need to "or" individual comparisons in your if statements.

char init()
    std::cout << "Open calculator or number generator? ( 1 or 2 ): ";
    char option;
    std::cin >> option;
    return option;

int main()
    int firstpick=init();
    if (firstpick == 'c'|| firstpick == 'C')
    else if (firstpick == 'n' || firstpick == 'N')
        std::cout<<"Num gtenerator\n";
        std::cout << "ERROR: Invalid answer to init\n";

    return 0;

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