I have a weird problem in my page. I have a button called Print. I wanted report should come in a new tab, so i wrote some javascript on button's onClientClick. Which works great with no problem at all.

But problem starts now when user comes back on original page again, now here i have several controls which cause postback. Say for example its a dropdownlist. so whenever user changes dropdown item it causes postback which is fine but everytime it opens a new tab on every postback.

hope I am clear in question...

Any help??

Here is a code:

<asp:Button ID="btnshow" runat="server" Text="Show" Font-Bold="true" ForeColor="Black" Width="90px" OnClick="btnshow_Click" OnClientClick ="document.forms[0].target = '_blank';"/>

The issue is document.forms[0].target='_blank' is setting the target on the form not the individual button so a postback triggered by any control will open in a new tab.

You should use a HyperLink control instead of the Button control. The HyperLink control has a Target property which allows you to specify how the link should be opened.

Below is an example taken from the HyperLink documentation. This will render an anchor tag with target="_blank".

<asp:HyperLink ID="lnkPrint" NavigateUrl="http://www.microsoft.com" Text="Print" Target="_blank" runat="server" />

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