The Geany code editor uses Scintilla for syntax highlighting (coloring).

I want to create a Geany 'filetypes' file that is like the one for configuration files except that the syntax highlighting distinguishes the first word on the line as a keyword with no equals sign = required. The use case is handling ssh_config and sshd_config files which don't use = between the keyword and its value, just one or more spaces.

I've Googled this for several hours hoping to find a comprehensive set of documentation of all of the Scintilla properties for each type of file but can find nothing. I don't want to create a new Scintilla file type definition. I just want to use an existing one.

The Scintilla documentation describes the inner workings of Scintilla and I found a list of lexers but no documentation of each lexers properties.

Where would I find this information?

I found this list of properties in the Scintilla Text Editor (SciTE) documentation. Is it applicable to all uses of Scintilla as in Geany?

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