I've tried to implement replication on MySQL 5.6 DB.
When restarting the DB with the replication parameters (below) - we've noticed a peek in connection number (from 5K to about ~20K and then the DB was not responsive). When restarting the DB without the parameters - it went up normal and no connection peek was noticed.

The parameters are :


log-bin = /var/log/mysql/bin.log

relay-log = /var/log/mysql/relay.log

max-binlog-size = 1G

max-relay-log-size = 1G

expire-logs-days = 2

master-info-repository = TABLE

relay-log-info-repository = TABLE

gtid-mode = ON

enforce-gtid-consistency = true

log-slave-updates = true

sync-master-info = 10000

report-host = HOST_IP

report-port = PORT_NUMBER

Are you familiar with any issues that could cause that phenomena using those parameters?

Thank you!

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