I am using .NET Core with docker that is Linux container type (build on Windows 10).

I run my program for testing in Windows, and for production in Linux.

I have a text file: "sample.txt" in the docker.

I want to find the exact location of the text file in the docker.

I built and ran the docker using "docker-compose build" and "docker-compose up" respectively.

Keep it running (by some loop in my code), and open another command line prompt, and run:

docker exec -t -i <DOCKER_ID> /bin/sh

and after that run:

ls /

The result is:

bin boot dev docker-entrypoint.sh etc home lib lib64 media mnt opt plugins proc root run sbin srv sys tmp usr var

running the command:

find . -print | grep -i 'sample.txt'

returns the output:

find: ‘./proc/1/map_files’: Permission denied
find: ‘./proc/105/map_files’: Permission denied
find: ‘./proc/172/map_files’: Permission denied
find: ‘./proc/280/map_files’: Permission denied
find: ‘./proc/321/map_files’: Permission denied
find: ‘./proc/322/map_files’: Permission denied

How can I find the exact location in the docker for the file: "sample.txt"?

(That can be any file).

Also - Can I run executable linux file that is outside the docker from the docker itself?



The path can be seen when building the docker image (when running : 'run dotnet publish ...' or 'run dotnet build ...'

In docker file just put a "COPY" command to the linux path.

Generaly the path is (when compiling to /app):


The relevant lines in DockerFile:

RUN dotnet publish MyProj.csproj --no-cache -c Release -o /app
COPY MyProj/Objects/MyLib/Linux /app/runtimes/linux-x64/native

First of all, you can use the command:

find / -name sample.txt

This command will search all the sample.txt if it is located in the file system.

For your second question, I would use a volume that maps to a specific folder inside your host machine to a folder inside the docker container , and afterward you can easily go to the location in the docker container and run it.

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