I want to observe and control a Chromecast session that was started by another app.

When connecting using MediaRouter, however, I cannot join an ongoing session without disrupting it. As soon as I select a route, my app replaces the previous one.

How can I monitor a Chromecast session using the Android SDK (and be able to play, pause, see progress, etc), without replacing the receiver app that is currently playing?

  • Can you share your (best) implementation? Maybe it is something as simple as a wrong parameter. – leonardkraemer Jan 9 at 5:04
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    I solved the problem by using the lower-level (deprecated) Cast API v2, which has much finer access and does not kill the currently playing application when it connects. This is the API CastContext uses under the hood. I'll answer my own question with the code when it's ready – slezica Jan 9 at 17:48

First Option:

You can use a RemotePlaybackClient

Controlling a remote playback route

When you select a remote playback route your app acts as a remote control. The device at the other end of the route handles all content data retrieval, decoding, and playback functions. The controls in your app's UI communicate with the receiver device using a RemotePlaybackClient object.



A helper class for playing media on remote routes using the remote playback protocol defined by MediaControlIntent.

The client maintains session state and offers a simplified interface for issuing remote playback media control intents to a single route.

You can create it with RemotePlaybackClient(Context context, MediaRouter.RouteInfo route)

You can check if the MediaRouter.Route supports remote requests by calling route.supportsControlCategory

Second Option:

If your app does not support this you can try managing through the CastSession. This way you app will communicate with the other app through the chromeecast. With CastSession.getRemoteMediaClient() you get a RemoteMediaClient.

  • Tried that. At least with a direct approach, it throws java.lang.UnsupportedOperationException: The route does not support session management.. Does it require additional initialization? Can I use it on a Route I have not "connected" to, when I don't control the receiver app? – slezica Jan 2 at 18:37
  • You can check if the MediaRouter supports remote requests by calling supportscontrolcategory – leonardkraemer Jan 2 at 18:54
  • Update: the RemotePlaybackClient, created with the Chromecast route, does not support session management, remote playback or anything else. I cannot call any of its methods. I can connect perfectly using the CastSession API, but that stops the current receiver app – slezica Jan 5 at 1:33
  • Are you sure that it is not the android os closing the other app and therefore stopping playback? Afaik connecting with CastSession.getRemoteMediaClient() does not stop playback. – leonardkraemer Jan 5 at 2:06
  • CastSession automatically launches a new receiver application when connected to the Route (eg by selecting a route from the standard cast button dialog). This stops playback unless the application is the same. – slezica Jan 5 at 16:43

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