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ProGuard UUIDs

After ProGuard files are generated you will need to embed the UUIDs of the ProGuard mapping files in a properties file named sentry-debug-meta.properties in the assets folder. The Java SDK will look for the UUIDs there to link events to the correct mapping files on the server side.

sentry-cli can write the sentry-debug-meta.properties file for you:

sentry-cli upload-proguard \
    --android-manifest app/build/intermediates/manifests/full/release/AndroidManifest.xml \
    --write-properties app/build/intermediates/assets/release/sentry-debug-meta.properties \
    --no-upload \

I installed sentry-cli with the help of its installation guide on my Mac Os but I don't know how to execute the command lines. I tried to right-click on AndroidManifest.xml in Android Studio and click on Open in terminal and execute sentry-cli upload-proguard AndroidManifest.xml but ّI got this error:

warning: proguard mapping 'AndroidManifest.xml' was ignored because it does not contain any line information.
> compressing mappings
> uploading mappings

error: An organization slug is required (provide with --org)

How should I execute these commands to write sentry-debug-meta.properties file?


open your sentry-cli file and add the following fields:

defaults.project = your-project
defaults.org = your-org
auth.token = YOUR_AUTH_TOKEN
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