The default Excel Web Add-in template created by Visual Studio in a new Office Addins solution has two projects:

  • AppName: A manifest project, with only a XML file.
  • AppNameWeb: A .NET Framework 4.6.1 project with several template files.

I want to delete the .NET Framework project and use a brand new .NET Core project instead, that I just created in the same solution.

I went to the project reference dialog of AppName. I removed AppNameWeb included my .NET Core project, then I confirmed the changes.

Now I get this warning:

Project 'AppName.csproj' targets 'netcoreapp2.1'. It cannot be referenced by a project that targets '.NETFramework,Version=v4.6.1'.

I opened AppName project properties, but I don't have the option to change its target framework to .NET Core 2.1, it only lists .NET Framework 4.x.x

Question is: is it possible to change the target framework of a Office Addins project from .NET Framework to .NET Core? If it is not, how is the best way to work with Office Addins with ASP.NET Core?



Follow steps below for a workaround to achieve the same result:

  1. Remove AppNameWeb and AppNameWeb Core projects reference from AppName
  2. Specify Web Project of AppName project properties as (None)
  3. Open AppName.xml, replace ~remoteAppUrl with AppNameWeb Core home address
  4. Set SourceLocation with home address like

        <SourceLocation DefaultValue="https://localhost:44382" />
  5. Right-Click solution -> Properties -> Configure Multiple startup projects with AppName and AppNameWeb Core

  6. Startup multiple project to check the running.

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  • Yes! It worked! Is it possible to "tell" the manifest that ~remoteAppUrl is in fact the other localhost address instead replacing each occurance of its file? – Felipe Costa Gualberto Jan 1 '19 at 17:41
  • @FelipeCostaGualberto I am afraid it is impossible, ~remoteAppUrl is reset by the Web Project, for choosing web project, you will need to reference the AppNameWeb Core project will cause this reference error. – Edward Jan 2 '19 at 1:51

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