I am facing a issue when tried to run shell command from rails controller. Tried in 3 different environments

  1. Local (Puma)
  2. Staging Server( standalone passenger)
  3. Live (Nginx + Passenger 5.3.4)

Ruby installed in live directly by source (no rvm and rbenv)

It is working in Local and Sandbox but 127 error in live

Tried with below 4 ways but all these are woking only in Local and Sandbox not on live

  def enable_sidekiq
    system 'bundle exec sidekiq -d -e production'
    exec('bundle sidekiq -d -e production') #working but stops rail console
    %x{bundle exec sidekiq -d -e production}
    `bundle exec sidekiq -d -e production`
    puts $?  # this shows - pid 23543 exit 0 (when successfull)
    # this shows - pid 23456 exit 127 (when  not successfull)


Passenger AppPreloader: /path/to/project (forking...): No such file or directory - bundle
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    You should use rvm and rbenv, because bundler depends on rubygems(finds, loads and runs gems). Its a little tricky since rvm and rbenv behave differently in the defferent shells. – Зелёный Jan 1 at 13:04
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    I would never recommend starting Sidekiq by starting a new process from your existing Rails app (and definitely would not recommend starting it from a controller action!) I suggest reading the wiki to understand how to start Sidekiq properly. – anothermh Jan 1 at 20:43
  • @Зелёный I would never recommend using RVM or rbenv in a production environment. Docker, for example, does not play very well with them. – anothermh Jan 1 at 20:44
  • @anothermh rvm works in docker very well. – Зелёный Jan 1 at 20:49
  • @parul-kanani Yes, do not start sidekiq from a controller or by forking another process. Also, it doesn't matter if RVM/rbenv play well with docker or not. It is not the best way. If you are using docker, then use supervisor to do so. If you aren't using docker, use your host's/host os's service manager to start it. – Aaditya Maheshwari Jan 1 at 23:11

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