I'm using Django-filter to filter and sort my listview queryset.

Current stats - when user submit filters, the page refreshes with the new query.

My goal - get the list update without having to refresh the page + have the list update on each filter selection (rather than waiting for user to select all desired filters and submit)

I believe the solution will include Ajax, however I'm not sure how to get into it with Django filter and unfortunately there's no mention whatsoever in docs.


class FestivalFilter(django_filters.FilterSet):
    style = django_filters.MultipleChoiceFilter(choices=Festival.style_choices,widget=forms.CheckboxSelectMultiple,)
    camp_style = django_filters.MultipleChoiceFilter(choices=Festival.camp_style_choices,widget=forms.CheckboxSelectMultiple,)
    friendly = django_filters.BooleanFilter(method='avg_above3',)
    def avg_above3(self, queryset, name, value):
        return queryset.annotate(avg=Avg('Festival_Reviews__{}'.format(name))).filter(avg__gt=3)


from django.views.generic import (TemplateView, ListView)
from festival_list import models
from django.views import generic
from .filter import FestivalFilter
from .filter_mixin import ListFilteredMixin
from el_pagination.views import AjaxListView
from django.contrib.auth.mixins import (LoginRequiredMixin, 
PermissionRequiredMixin, UserPassesTestMixin)
from braces.views import SelectRelatedMixin
from django.views.decorators.http import require_GET
from django.urls import (reverse, reverse_lazy)
from django.shortcuts import render

class HomePage(ListFilteredMixin, AjaxListView):
    template_name = 'index.html'
    page_template = 'index_page.html'
    model = models.Festival
    paginate_by = 12
    context_object_name = 'festivals'
    filter_set = FestivalFilter
  • AjaxListView used for pagination and not related to the filtering task.

template filter menu:

<form action="" method="get" id="filter-form">

    <div class="row filters-row text-center">
      {% for style in filter.form.style %}
      {% if forloop.counter == 4 %}
      </div><div class="row filters-row text-center">
      {% endif %}
      <div class="col col-pad">
      {{ style.tag }}
      <label for="{{ style.id_for_label }}"><span id="{{ style.id_for_label }}"></span></br> {{ style.choice_label }}</label>
    {% endfor %}

Any help would be appreciated =] thanks!

  • Typically Django Templates are rendered once. There may exist an extension to the Django framework which provides sub-templating functionality however as you said you can achieve partial page refreshes using ajax. See this similar question: stackoverflow.com/questions/21133135/… – Alexander Collins Jan 2 at 3:45

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