Is using return Future.value(false); after Navigator.pop(context) is the right way.

If I use Navigator.pop(context, false) and after it return Future.value(true);

The application will show black screen after pressing the back button, and no errors in the Logcat.

But if I use the same code without the Navigator.pop(context) or without the return Future.value(true); everything will be fine, using return Future.value(false); also works fine.

*Following a tutorial on Udemy that show return Future.value(true) is ok.


I found the solution. You should use return Future.value(false);. You navigated manually by using Navigator.pop(context), Future.value(true); trigger another pop which can't be done because you already exist the page and this crashes the app.

OnWillPop expect a return so By using the return Future.value(false); you tell the onWillPop that you handle the closing of the page here.

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    this is gold, saved me a huge bug in production line! – cs guy Dec 29 '20 at 16:31

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