Working on a little game for the BBC Microbit.

with Ada.Numerics.Discrete_Random reports "Ada.Numerics" is not a predefined library unit.

Does Ada provide another way to generate random numbers on the BBC MicroBit? arch/ARM/Nordic/svd/nrf51/nrf51_svd-rng defines a random number generator record RNG_Peripheral. Is this what I'm searching for or only used with Bluetooth?

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My code:

with Ada.Numerics.Discrete_Random;

package body Flip_A_Coin is

   package Random_Coin is new Ada.Numerics.Discrete_Random(Coin);

   G: Random_Coin.Generator;

   --  Reset       --

   procedure Reset is



   end Reset;

   --  Flip        --

   function Flip
     return Coin is


      return Random_Coin.Random(G);

   end Flip;



end Flip_A_Coin;

If you build using

for Runtime ("ada") use "ravenscar-full-microbit";

in your project or


on the command line you will find the standard Ada RNGs.

You could also try, as you suggest, using the NRF51_SVD.RNG from the Ada Drivers Library, which should do the trick.


If you have floating-point numbers available, you can use U_Rand available @ Mathpaqs.


There are a number of RNGs available in the PragmAda Reusable Components. Maybe one of them will suit you.


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