I'm looking for the right approach to solve the following problem: For my own non-business Instagram account I like to read which accounts follow me and which accounts like and comment my posts.

I read about the old and the new API, about API deprecation etc. Now I'm unsure which approach shall I choose?

  • Instagram Platform API
  • Graph API
  • other approach like browser automation (e.g. InstaPy)

Instagram/Facebook says "If you are building apps for Instagram Non-Business Accounts, please use the Instagram Platform API". But the process to get an account seams to be complicated. And as I understand until 2020 Instagram will deprecate this API completely. Additionally as I understand the sandbox mode doesn't help me, since it is restricted and won't show the real results.


From what I can tell, you should use the Instagram Platform API. I think you're right that the Graph API is only for servicing Business Accounts.

I'm in the same boat. I made an app that lets users sign in with their own non-business accounts. Setup OAuth flow using the old API, which works in sandbox.

However, I submitted for approval this week and haven't heard anything. There's no way to contact Instagram or know how long it will take to get approved.

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