I have the following challenge:

File1 is a huge file, let's say the filesystem assigns it filesystem disk blocks [1,2,5]

File2 is another huge file, let's say filesystem assigns it filesystem disk blocks [10,15,16,18]

Traditional append opens File2 and copies it to the end of File1, so it ends like

File1: [1,2,5],[30,20,40,182] (it assigns and copies File2 blocks in new ones)

File2: [10,15,16,18] (Will still be in use and assigned to File2)

I want to merge the two files without ever reading the files, let's say, getting File1 chain and consume File2, so it ends up

File1: [1,2,5],[10,15,16,18] (and File2 gets consumed in the process)

Do you know any API call to do that magic?

Thank you!

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