There are two activities as A and B. There is two radio buttons as radio1 & radio2 on page B. when load B page after click button of A page first radio button need to view as checked/clicked .

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  • in your xml add android:checked=true to whichever radio button you want to be checked – nishant Jan 2 at 8:29
  • radio1.setChecked(true); will also work if done from java – vikas kumar Jan 2 at 8:30
  • You need learn more bcz it is very simple , please find solution yourself. – Gautam Kushwaha Jan 2 at 8:32
  • i already add android:checked = true. but its show radio button selected only in xml layout of android studio. not showing when run the app in emulator or real device.#nishant – Mash Jan 2 at 8:35
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In your XML file, you can set the following attribute on the radio button you want selected: android:checked="true"

Or programmatically, you can select the radio button by using the following method written in your onCreate:

RadioButton radioButton = (RadioButton) findViewById(R.id.radio1);

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