Currently i have developed single MVC Web form with too many text boxes for collecting all the post details (where i have single view, controler, model).

Now i like to simplify it with multiple forms and storing at server at single time.

I am looking for the best methods using ASP. Net Mvc 4 and i am beginner.

I tried to google it but not found any good article from my end. It will be very helpful if you guys share any best approaches with examples.

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  • Store your data in session or you can use temdata as well – vishu minhas Jan 2 at 9:25
  • If you have many forms, and submit only one of them, then you get only the post data of that form - the others are not post any data. So as it is you can not get them. You can do some trick with javascript, and collect all data and post them together. (never save on session posted data) – Aristos Jan 2 at 9:44

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