I am creating and building a c++ project using cmake from scratch.
The executable requires command line arguments.
I am specifying them in Visual studio.

Is it possible to specify them by default when cmake builds the project (in my CmakeLists.txt for example) ? So that I (or others) won't need to specify these arguments each time I build the project for the first time (I would want to just run the project without worrying about that but still can change them in visual studio of course if needed) ?

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  • The principle with CMake is that it will regenerate the solution if something changes, so no, you must not manually change the solution. Still don't understand what the link is with command line arguments for an executable though. – Matthieu Brucher Jan 2 at 11:30
  • Well I have to push arguments to the executable (basically a port number) and I am doing that in Visual studio after cmake has already built the project (from debugging options). I want to have a default port number that would be defined when cmake builds the project. When I get to visual studio, I will just have to run the project. You understand me better ? @MatthieuBrucher – Calips Jan 2 at 11:32
  • What I mean is that what I want to achieve is like defining a default startup project in the solution (Instead of ALL_BUILD) by putting this in CmakeLists.txt : set_property(DIRECTORY ${CMAKE_CURRENT_SOURCE_DIR} PROPERTY VS_STARTUP_PROJECT projectname) – Calips Jan 2 at 11:34
  • You can add config.h file (like here) and then add some additional instructions to CMakeLists.txt file (like here) and then use info from config.h file as default. – BartekPL Jan 2 at 11:36
  • 1
    See my now undeleted answer then. – StoryTeller Jan 2 at 11:42

If you are using CMake 3.13 and above you can add the VS_DEBUGGER_COMMAND_ARGUMENTS property to your executable target in order specify those arguments.

  • Thanks @StoryTeller :D worked perfectly – Calips Jan 2 at 11:52
  • This is the line to add to CmakeLists.txt in case someone needs that : set_target_properties(TargetName PROPERTIES VS_DEBUGGER_COMMAND_ARGUMENTS "arg1 arg2 ... argN") – Calips Jan 2 at 16:19

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