I am developing an Android application and I want to have multiple organization in Crashlytics / Fabric (debug, Testing and release).

I know that this is possible by having two different package names, but in my case, the package name of these build types have to be the same.

Is there any possibility to have two crashlytics organization projects with the same package name and same API key for both projects?

  • why "the package name of these build types have to be the same" ?? – Martin Zeitler Jan 2 at 13:49
  • Thanks for reply @MartinZeitler.This is one of the requirements for our project. – Gowrishankar Jan 2 at 13:54
  • sorry, but this does not sound as if you had any proper reason for a demand, which makes little sense. if you have the same package name and the same key - it is probably one and the same project. – Martin Zeitler Jan 2 at 13:57
  • Thanks @MartinZeitler.Have we generate different API keys for a single account? – Gowrishankar Jan 2 at 14:12

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