Thanks to the developers of Fish for making it possible to launch the shell in private mode :)

However, what am I supposed to add or change in the files fish_prompt.fish and/or config.fish in order to launch fish in private mode automatically when I open a new terminal window?

And if it is possible to launch fish in private mode automatically, is it possible afterwards to launch fish in public mode manually whenever it is necessary?

Thanks for your help!


"Private mode" is a commandline option to fish.

Instead of launching fish, start fish --private.

If you want to disable history after you have started fish, set the $fish_history variable to an empty value, i.e. set -g fish_history "". This can also be done in config.fish.

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    Well, when I tried to add fish --private into the last line of config.fish at first and then into fish_prompt.fish, the shell stopped working both times. What am I doing wrong? – tvt_7_6 Jan 2 at 15:12
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    What you are doing wrong is that that starts a new fish, that then reads the config, which starts another new fish, which reads the config.... It's an infinite loop! Either set -g fish_history "", or set your terminal to start fish --private, or start fish --private manually whenever you want it. – faho Jan 2 at 16:06
  • Thank you for clarification! I figured out now how it's supposed to be done with Mac OS X Terminal. – tvt_7_6 Jan 2 at 17:49

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