It's January 2019 and I would like to get a better understanding of my expenses. I've downloaded my bank records as csv files and started categorizing the different transactions into categories when I realized this could be automated. Eventually I would like to obtain percentages for each category e.g. I've spent 12% on food and drinks.

The information is in Dutch so applying pre-trained models might not work without translating first.

I know there are third-party tools available for this task but I would like to do this myself (preferably in python) as an exercise and because it is fun.

Example categories are: Wage, Rent, Food and Drinks, Holiday, etc.

To input data is size (2000 rows and 9 columns) enter image description here

I've explored multiple options:

  1. Use regular expressions to classify. Potentially using fuzzy string matching. Although possible this is a boring option and will not handle new categories well.

  2. Do Named Entity Extraction (after translation) Another possibility but my dataset is in Dutch and very specific. I am not sure if such a general approach is the best. Also, how would i handle cases where a single description yields multiple entities?

  3. A Neural Network.
    This would be cool but a simple google search did not return simple tutorials to classify strings into categories. I have a bit of experience with machine learning but only convolutional. I don't know how to convert the description columns into features and I don't know how many rows I need to manually label before reaching a reasonable performance although I could do a simple trial and error to answer the latter.

  4. Solutions provided in another question.
    Including SVM or Naive Bayes. I don;t have experience with either approach so wanted to double check here before selecting the wrong approach. Also my data is quite different from the question.

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