PyDev makes it easy to run individual Python unit tests with a contextual menu: right click on the test name, Run as -> Python Unit-test.

In a Django project however, the same functionality cannot be used as the default test runner does not load the Django apps before running the tests (so we get an exception AppRegistryNotReady: Apps aren't loaded yet.).

It is possible with PyDev to run all tests in a Django project (right click on the project -> Django -> Run Django Tests (manage.py test)) but that can take quite some time for large projects. I would need a UI to call manage.py test myapp.tests.FooTest.test_creation directly.

Is there a way to run a single Django unit test in PyDev?


I think the best bet here is to use pytest along with https://pytest-django.readthedocs.io/en/latest/ (then, inside of PyDev go to the preferences PyDev > PyUnit and choose Py.test as the test runner).

With that in-place you should be able to run individual unit tests from PyDev.

i.e.: When in the editor with the test file open, use Ctrl+Shift+Up (or Down) to navigate to the test you want and then with the test name selected use Ctrl+F9 (then Enter to run the test).

Alternatively you can just press Ctrl+F9 and filter by typing the name of the method(s) you want to run.

  • Thank you so much, it works great! – pintoch Jan 14 '19 at 16:49

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