How do I correctly define the value public property (FLAG) and pass that value to a CustomAction?

<Property Id="FLAG" Value="none" Secure="yes"/>
<CustomAction Id="SetPathToRemove" Property="ShowRemoveFilesDialog" Value="RemoveDataFlagKey=[FLAG]" />
<CustomAction Id="ShowRemoveFilesDialog" BinaryKey='CustomActionsBinary' DllEntry='ShowDialogRemoveFiles'
              Execute='deferred' Return='ignore' Impersonate='no'/>


var flag_remove = session.CustomActionData["RemoveDataFlagKey"]; MessageBox.Show(flag_remove);

Command line:

./AppInstaller.exe /uninstall FLAG="remove"

When I execute the line above in the command line, the value displayed in the messagebox only shows the default property value ("none") rather than the value defined through the command line ("remove"). What am I doing wrong?

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