Im dealing with problem. I get one of my propertys as "undefined" when it is defined and i cant find a solution for it:

I have parent component with data:

      selector: "app-my-products",
      templateUrl: "./my-products.component.html",
      styleUrls: ["./my-products.component.css"]
    export class MyProductsComponent implements OnInit {
      watched: WatchedProduct[] = [];
      products: Product[] = [];
      watchedProducts: Product[] = [];
      ratings: ProductAvarageRating[] = [];
//then, i get data. It works fine

In Parent.Component.html i call two child component like that with data:



MyProductsWatched.component.ts looks like this:

  selector: "app-my-products-watched",
  templateUrl: "./my-products-watched.component.html",
  styleUrls: ["./my-products-watched.component.css"]
export class MyProductsWatchedComponent implements OnInit {
  products: Product[] = [];
  watched: WatchedProduct[] = [];
  selectedProduct = new Product();
  @Input() watchedProducts: WatchedProduct[] = []; //data from Parent here

And his html:

<mat-list-item *ngFor="let product of watchedProducts">
    <button mat-button>{{ product.name }}</button>

it works fine. But in MyProductRatings.component.html i get an error, that one of property from ratings are undefined.

Component of MyProductRatings:

  selector: "app-my-products-ratings",
  templateUrl: "./my-products-ratings.component.html",
  styleUrls: ["./my-products-ratings.component.css"]
export class MyProductsRatingsComponent implements OnInit {
   @Input() watchedProducts: WatchedProduct[] = [];
   @Input() ratings: ProductAvarageRating[] = []; //data from parent here


        let product of (watchedProducts | search: searchText);
        let i = index
      <button mat-button>{{ watchedProducts[i].name }}</button>
      {{ ratings[i].avarageRating }}

What i want to do, is to get property named avarageRating from ratings based on index from *ngFor loop.

For example, now i have 2 items in watchedProducts. Error that i get in html in MyProductRatings.component.html is:

ERROR TypeError: Cannot read property 'avarageRating' of undefined

But i get that rating properly (everything displays fine).

My question is, what i do wrong, that i get that errors in my conosole?

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    Use *ngIf="ratings[i]" before you have {{ratings[i].averageRating}} - the error in the console means ratings[i] might not exist for all the i values like you expect... – Akber Iqbal Jan 2 '19 at 19:22

Your watchedProducts loads before avarageRating. Either change the way you load the data so that avarageRating loads then watchedProducts. Or simply add a *ngIf="ratings[i]" so its more like

<span> *ngIf="ratings[i]">{{ ratings[i].avarageRating }} </span>

It's better to do the later because it solves the problem if the number of ratings doesn't equal the number of watchedProducts. You will protect yourself from an index out of bounds.


You are iterating over watchedProducts array and based on the index of this array want to get value out of ratings array. Now there could be any scenario, for example, watchProducts has more items than rattings array in that case you would get index out of range exception, or ratings array has no item in that case you would get 'cant' get property of undefined'. So its best practice to make sure the ratings array has value before getting it.

You could modify the code {{ ratings[i].avarageRating }} with this one

      {{ GetAverageRatings(i) }}

and in your component.ts file you could write the function like this

return this.ratings[index];


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