I am trying to dynamically construct a raw SQL query that will have X number of conditions. I am working from the info on this page: https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/ef/core/querying/raw-sql

Currently I have something similar to this:

String rawQuery = "SELECT * FROM ItemsTable WHERE ";

foreach (f in FilterList) {
  rawQuery = rawQuery + String.Format(f.condition, f.userInput);
  // f.condition is something like "Name LIKE {0}"

var filteredItems = context.ItemsTable

The problem is, my parameters are not being substituted in using .FromSql(), so I am vulnerable to SQL injection attacks.

Is there a way to use .FromSql() for this task?

OR, Is there another way I can protect against SQL injection?


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You can make the query parameterized, build a list of SqlParameters, and then pass the query and the parameters into FromSql():

var rawQuery = new StringBuilder("SELECT * FROM ItemsTable WHERE ");
var sqlParameters = new List<SqlParameter>();

foreach (var f in FilterList) {
  var parameterName = $"@p{FilterList.IndexOf(f)}";
  var parameterizedCondition = string.Format(f.condition, parameterName);
  // f.condition is something like "Name LIKE {0}"

  sqlParameters.Add(new SqlParameter(parameterName, f.userInput));

var filteredItems = context.ItemsTable
  .FromSql(rawQuery.ToString(), sqlParameters)
  • Can you "variablize" the Table? ex context.GetTable(tableName) .FromSql(rawQuery.ToString(), sqlParameters) .ToList(); (I don't know what GetTable would look like...
    – mwilson
    Dec 14, 2019 at 3:30

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