I'm seeing native crashes on my Android app, but I'm able to search them directly. What I did for regular java exception crashes was add the User ID as one of the keys, so that I can search on each crash later. However, it seems that this doesn't apply to native crashes caught by crashlytics?

So then I found something like: https://docs.fabric.io/android/crashlytics/ndk.html#custom-logs-and-keys-mechanics where it seems you can add the user ID and other key-value info, which i'm assuming will then make the crash searchable (on fabric dashboard). However, how does this work if I have multiple native libraries? Am i supposed to include this crashlytics NDK in every single native library?


Okay. I just tested this out with a sample app, and it turns out, no matter where the crash happens, as long as a key-value pair is set beforehand, it will stick it to that crash thread.

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