this is the XAML code for an editable combox box for entering/selecting IP.

<ComboBox Name="ComboBoxServerIp" 
    Grid.Row="2"  Grid.Column="1"                                                            
    ItemsSource="{Binding ServerList}"          
    Text="{Binding SelectedServer, UpdateSourceTrigger=LostFocus, Mode=TwoWay}"
    IsEditable="True" IsReadOnly="False">
        <KeyBinding Command="{Binding UpdateServerIpCommand}" Key="Enter"
                    CommandParameter="{Binding ElementName=ComboBoxServerIp ,Path=Text}"/>

once the user is done entering the IP it triggers a flow that takes about 10 seconds. so i used a combination of lostfocus and enter key pressed to trigger an update.

this works fine with the exception of the use case when a user presses a button without first losing focus or pressing enter. in that case the SelecterServer updat is not triggerd BEFORE THE BUTTON's COMMAND IS EXECUTED. the command reads old the SelectedServer value. not the one in the UI

tl;dr - lostfocus event not triggerd in textbox when pressing a button in the UI. how can i force an update from the UI side ?

  • I can't reproduce the issue. If I click a button in UI, the value was entered in combo box being set to the bound property. Put a breakpoint in SelectedServer setter. – Rekshino Jan 3 at 9:05
  • @Rekshino added a clarification.the button reads the value from SelectedServer – Danw25 Jan 3 at 10:38
  • Hmm.. On my side the setter of property bound with Text being hitted first, before command is executed. I have a usual binding for the button: Command="{Binding ...}" – Rekshino Jan 3 at 10:54
  • Why do you need to set the property when the focus is lost in the first place? Your source property should not trigger any flow. A command should. – mm8 Jan 3 at 16:19

Try this

Text="{Binding SelectedServer, UpdateSourceTrigger=PropertyChanged, Mode=TwoWay}"

or if this is not an option, then maybe an attached property like on this answer WPF - Set Focus when a button is clicked - No Code Behind

  • i need to to change when i lose focus. – Danw25 Jan 3 at 10:34
  • See edits for alternative – Dean Chalk Jan 3 at 11:10

found a post of the exact opposite problem, WPF Lost-Focus issue in same control.

surprisingly the opposite of that fix worked perfectly for me add this property to the button:


the lostFocus event is triggered before the button clicked event. everything works as expected.

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