I have a PC 24 Thread and when I use ffmpeg I only use 25% of my CPU usage. so how can all of these 24 threads be used? so my CPU usage reaches 100%, because if it's 25% it's still a slow process


ffmpeg -i video01.mkv -i watermark.png -filter_complex "overlay = 10: 10" output01.mkv

how to set 24 cpu threads?

  • by default it uses (IIRC) 1.5x threads as you have cores but you can force a specific number of threads with -threads 0 ... what OS (Windows or Linux), processor and ffmpeg version (32 or 64 bit) are you using? – Offbeatmammal Jan 3 at 21:33
  • i using dedicated server windows 2012, spesification intel xeon 24 thread ram 104 GB – Amy Bomer Jan 4 at 15:34

It is designed so that you can still use your system for other processes. The comment explains how to manipulate ffmpeg thread behavior. If you ask me, default ffmpeg behavior is pretty good. It allows multiple encoding and decoding on same system with running separate ffmpeg processes.

If you tell me that system will do only "this" job in it's lifetime, than this PC probably an overkill for this job.

And finally, according to Amdahl's law, using too many threads may not yield linear performance speed-up either.

Hope that helps.

  • means there is no solution to speed up encoding? – Amy Bomer Jan 4 at 15:35
  • I would try adjusting the threads parameter (as per original comment) and experiment. Do make sure you're running latest version of ffmpeg, and watch sysmon to make sure you're not getting gated on something like disk I/O. – Offbeatmammal Jan 4 at 21:24
  • @AmyBomer is that a NUMA system (kinda means the main board has multiple cpus installed on different sockets, probably two on your system) ? – the kamilz Jan 5 at 16:04

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