I've installed Time::Duration and it failed most of its tests. I want to be able to rebuild the module - with my edits - from the locally stored module.

I edited the file that contains the module (that corresponds to Duration.pm6):


And then try building via it's json file:

zef --debug build ~/.perl6/dist/83839D8D315EEDEDFEAF211EE42E8D936ACE29CB

This returns:

===> # SKIP: No need to build Time::Duration:ver<2.00>
!!!> Build failure: ~/.perl6/dist/83839D8D315EEDEDFEAF211EE42E8D936ACE29CB at ~/.perl6/dist

I was hoping that this would rebuild the module with the change I made to the source.

Have I done this wrong, or am I going about this entirely wrong?


As it has been noted already you should not modify installed files. However, the workflow for testing changes of some module is pretty straight forward.


# Fetch and extract the distribution, then change into its directory.
# If the distribution is still in zef's local file cache then it will
# skip the fetch and extraction steps.

zef look Time::Duration


At this point you can edit any of the files you wish.


# test your changes without reinstalling (assumes all dependencies are installed)
zef test .

# Reinstall the modified version of Time::Duration using one of the following:
zef install . --force-install
zef uninstall Time::Duration && zef install .
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    Then submit a Pull Request with your changes to the main repo? ;) – Scimon Jan 3 at 19:15
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    @Scimon that does not fit into this workflow because what is fetched is not necessarily a git repo. Additionally the extract phase for a git repository does a git checkout from a temp directory into the zef store cache, which does not setup the e.g. .git/ directory (nor do we really want .git/ folders in the zef store cache). zef browse zef bugtracker and zef browse zef source sort of help, but only if the target distribution has the appropriate meta fields filled out (Time::Duration does not). – ugexe Jan 3 at 19:25
  • Please note that you don't need to do --force-install if you change the version in META6.json. – jjmerelo Jan 4 at 9:08

You should git clone the code or download the zip package, edit the code you want, then zef install . if the current directory have a META6.json file.

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    Ok, and then use zef --force-install install . to update changes after you've done that once? – MorayJ Jan 3 at 14:37
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    Yes. The files in the $*REPO are considered to be immutable, so any changes you make to the source will remain undetected. – Elizabeth Mattijsen Jan 3 at 17:33

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