I have changed the directory to the relevant place where my file is stored, but still I'm not able to execute the script.

When I use "py Hell.py.txt" instead of "py Hell.py" it works.

Whats the issue here. I saved it with .py extension as well. Please check the link below to see the screenshot python script

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    It sounds like when you saved it Windows automatically added the .txt extension. If you turn on show extensions and save it as .py it shouldn't add the .txt extension. – Eabryt Jan 3 at 15:49
  • Please use a proper IDE or good editor for programming. Whatever editor you used (notepad?) is not suitable. – Klaus D. Jan 3 at 15:50
  • Use dir command in cmd to get a list of the files there and check what the extension is. – SuperStew Jan 3 at 15:52
  • Never post images when you are able to post codee/errors. Please check idownvotedbecau.se/imageofcode – double-beep Jan 3 at 15:54

It's possible that you are using Windows and file extensions are hidden. You might want to go to folder options and disable "hide file extensions" and see that the file you saved is indeed a text (.txt) file and not a Python (.py) file.


It seems that your file name is actually "Hell.py.txt" not "Hell.py". That's why the interpreter can't run "Hell.py", please check this and try to run it again.


Just checking a few things

  1. What text editor are you using at the moment? As others have pointed out, if you're using notepad, it might have saved the python file as a .txt file instead.

  2. What code did you input to get your output?

I've tried it on my own console using the following code with a file saved as hello.py.txt

print("hello hello")

I then got the following output after running the file

hello hello

In the long run, it definitely pays to use a text editor like Atom or Sublime. I personally use atom for python and the packages and other support help me a lot in my coding :)

Hope this answered your question!

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