I'm trying to insert an additional 'cluster' into an existing XML topology. Original XML:

[xml]$XmlObj = '<?xml version="1.0"?>
<Cluster Fqdn="db001.local">
<ClusterId SiteId="1" Number="1"/>
<Machine Fqdn="db001.local" UpgradeDomain="db001.local"/>

All fine. Now I want to add one more cluster:

[xml]$NewCluster = '<Cluster Fqdn="sp001.local">
<ClusterId SiteId="1" Number="1"/>
<Machine Fqdn="sp001.local" UpgradeDomain="sp001.local"/>

I have tried:


Returns the error. "The node to be inserted is from a different document context."

What am I doing wrong?

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As the error says, you can't just append a child node directly from another document.

First, you'll have to import it into your target document context:

$ImportedCluster = $XmlObj.ImportNode($NewCluster.Cluster, $true)

and now we can append it! I assume you meant to append the new Cluster node to the Topology child nodes, not the existing Cluster node:


What AppendChild() does, essentially: It changes the ParentNode property of an XML node. And that can only succeed if both parent and child exist within the same document.

You can import foreign nodes into the current document. This creates a clone, which then belongs to the new document, which can be attached to a new parent without issue.

$newClusterClone = $XmlObj.ImportNode($NewCluster.Cluster, $true)

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