I'm trying to extract an AST from Clang using a plugin and I would like to get the "source code" for defaulted constructors. For example, in my source code I have:

class T { public: T() = default; }

In the Clang AST the getBody() member of the constructor object returns null. Is there someway to get the default implementation as a Stmt? In this case it would return {} but in the general case it would involve calling parent constructors etc.

A simple example, write the following in a file:

class P { }
int main() {
  // P x;
  return 0;

This file will not generate any constructor code (you can dump the AST with (clang++ -Xclang -ast-dump -fsyntax-only test-ctor.cpp), but if you uncomment the P x line, then the same command will generate a default constructor:

| CXXConstructorDecl 0x562bdb879eb0 <line:5:5, col:17> col:5 used P 'void () noexcept' default trivial
| `-CompoundStmt 0x562bdb87a570 <col:17>

Thank you!

  • The AST just represents the source of your cpp file, the constructor code is generated by the subsequent stages of the compiler the source code for generated constructors doesn't exist – Alan Birtles Jan 3 at 21:37
  • I'm looking at the result of -ast-dump. If I have a simple class P { };, then the dump doesn't contain any constructor code, but as soon as I write a simple int main() { P x; return 0; } clang generates the AST nodes for the implicit constructors (they even have source location that points to the opening { of the class. The same actually happens for template instantiation. The AST includes the template declaration, as well as all specializations that are mentioned. – Gregory Jan 4 at 15:39

Based on this post and in C++11,

A default constructor that is defaulted and not defined as deleted is implicitly defined when it is odr-used (3.2) to create an object of its class type (1.8) or when it is explicitly defaulted after its first declaration.

So there is a CXXConstructorDecl node when P x is in the code, namely object x is created of its class type P.

  • Thanks for your help. My question is more about the clang++ api. Do you know what code in clang actually generates the AST for the constructor? – Gregory Jan 22 at 9:45
  • @Gregory, I am not aware of any functions in Clang that can generate a constructor. If we are talking about AST, it is just a representation of the source code. It is not "smart" enough to generate an "undefined" constructor. We can only have that node if the constructor is implicitly defined, how that happen ? by having P x in the code. – boq Jan 22 at 13:59
  • I'm not sure that I understand your point. I understand that the semantics of C++ says that constructors are only generated if they are used. Essentially, what I'm trying to do is ask clang to pretend there is a call to the constructor and generate the code appropriately. Specifically, I want to run a static analysis on a header file that has an implicit constructor. For my static analysis to work, I need to look at the definition an compute a signature for it. But i don't want to re-compute this signature every time the header file is included, only once. – Gregory Jan 29 at 0:56

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