I am using Azure DevOps and AppCenter(Distribution) for implementing my CICD. Based on the steps mentioned below I have implemented the both CI & CD tasks.

Thant means,

I will create the build using Azure Devops (VSTS) & Push that in to App Centre.

Steps I Follow

Here my doubt is,

How I can increment my Build and Version numbers while distributing these builds?
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The easy way is to install Mobile App Tasks for iOS and Android extension for Azure DevOps. You get a task "Bump Version" (for Andriod and iOS).

The task change app's version name and code at build time.


sourcePath - Path to android manifest

versionCode - code number that must be an integer (put the build number variable, it's incremented automatically)

versionCodeOffset - a specific number to increment the version code

versionName- user visible name

printFile - output the file before and after changing variables

Another option is to install Colin's ALM Corner Build & Release Tools extension and use the Version Assemblies task following this detailed tutorial.

Check also this question & answer.

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