So there was a file in one of my projects which was deleted, no one knows when or why, it's just gonne. (a few months probably). Problem is i only know a part of the name, not the full name. How can i search the files added/removed in commits (not commit message) for this?

The file should look like something_something.*.xml, any ideas? [the * can be a string, or multiple string separated by underscore, dash or dot]


You can do git log --all --full-history -- **/theFile.*

  • try using a relative path rather than absolute path – gopigorantala Jan 4 '19 at 13:56
  • If it's possible for the file to be in the root, then they may need to also have theFile.* as a separate pathspec; in my tests **/theFile.* misses this case. – Mark Adelsberger Jan 4 '19 at 15:22
  • @MarkAdelsberger: **/ is intended to match the root as well, so I'd suggest reporting a bug. Of course if you do have the bug, use '**/*remembered_part*' '*remembered_part*' to work around it, yes. – torek Jan 4 '19 at 19:02

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