I have one post request where I am uploading image as per below using postman :

enter image description here

I am trying to perform same request using Jmeter. I did following setting in Jmeter :

enter image description here

But somehow it is not working. I tried with multipart/form-data for POST option also but no luck.

our API developer has set validation that if api get any other file then image then they send response : invalid file type. I am getting this response all time when do POST request with image from Jmeter. It works fine with postman.

In Debugger post processor it shows like this : HTTPsampler.Files=path:'C:\apache-jmeter-4.0\bin\samplex.png'|param:'fileName'|mimetype:'image/png'

  • Did you tried with JMeter 5? Did you tried to use JMeter HTTPS recording to record postman request? – user7294900 Jan 7 at 7:32
  • Also try removing file from Parameter Name column – user7294900 Jan 7 at 8:10

Finally I was able to resolve issue by removing Parameter name and MIME Type from tab File Upload. I did provide only file path and it works. Also I unchecked Use multipart/form-data for POST


You see button Browse.. in picture 2 you post. Do for same with Postman, choose file and send the request.

  1. Make sure you have a valid file at the specified path.
  2. Check your postman whether it is sending any other things in the header like Content-Type.
  3. Check out File Uploads using JMeter guide for more information on simulating file uploads with JMeter

As I wrote in comment, If you want to send binary file as is (not as parameter value), remove the Parameter Name column value (file)

See JMeter's HTTP Request reference for more details:

File Path: Name of the file to send. If left blank, JMeter does not send a file, if filled in, JMeter automatically sends the request as a multipart form request. If it is a POST or PUT or PATCH request and there is a single file whose 'Parameter name' attribute (below) is omitted, then the file is sent as the entire body of the request, i.e. no wrappers are added. This allows arbitrary bodies to be sent. This functionality is present for POST requests, and also for PUT requests.

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