Running VS 2017. I have been using the Subsonic ORM in my ASP.NET web application for a while now. All of a sudden when I run it (via a command I setup as an external tool in VS) the output is in Chinese! Any idea why?

The command I am running is:

generate /config "C:\Users\xxxx\project\web.config" /out "C:\Users\xxxx\project\SubSonic" /provider Default

The stackoverflow article here did not answer my question: Cmd.exe output in Chinese. Also, this didn't either: cmd is somehow writing chinese text as output

The output window results in alot of Chinese characters.

Any suggestions? I've restarted VS a few times and double-checked that my command line was the same as before. Thanks!


I think I figured it out! When setting up your external tool in VS make sure "Treat output as Unicode" is NOT CHECKED. I'm not sure why it was checked all of a sudden, but anyways it works now!

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