Unity Version: 2017.4.14f1

I cannot get Fabric / Crashlytics to recognize my Unity 2017 / Android app.

The first problem is that after I setup the Fabric / Crashlytics plugin in my Unity project, the Fabric website still says that I'm on the "Add the first SDK to your project" step, which is what I just did. It's not recognizing that.

The second problem is that after I build the Android app and run it on my device, it gives me this error in the Android logs:

01-04 12:46:34.525: E/Fabric(23142): Failed to create app with Crashlytics service.

I see a few other posts from a couple years ago that say they have resolved this error by disabling their ad blocker, but I have no system-wide ad blocker installed and I've also tried this on multiple devices. So I don't think it is an ad blocker.

I've tried both Automatic and Manual Fabric initialization modes.

I've tried making a new Fabric account, new Unity project, imported the Fabric unitypackage, configured it, built to android - still same result.

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