Hye, I faced a problem where I need to create a log in that can only be access by specific id from my database table. how can I solve the problem where I just need to login by using admin_id = 1 for example, and there are no other user can login except this one id only because I put the admin and user login data inside of the same login tables. Help me solve this problem. Here my coding in php scripts. Thank you for helping.

	if(ISSET ($_POST['login'])){
		$faculty_department = $_POST['faculty_department'];
		$password = $_POST['password'];
		$query = $conn->query("SELECT * FROM `user` WHERE `faculty_department` = '$faculty_department' && `password` = '$password'") or die(mysqli_error());
		$fetch = $query->fetch_array();
		$row = $query->num_rows;
		if($row > 0){
			$_SESSION['admin_id'] = $fetch['admin_id'];
			echo "<center><labe style = 'color:red;'>Invalid faculty_department or password</label></center>";

  • hope you know, that you must escape your variables in the sql statment. Best option is to use prepared statments – Sysix Jan 5 '19 at 20:23

Just add a WHERE condition to allow only admin access, assuming admin_id is 1

SELECT * FROM `user`
WHERE `faculty_department` = '$faculty_department'
AND `password` = '$password'
AND `admin_id` = '1'
  • Please explain the down vote. I'm ready to improve or delete the answer. – Samir Jan 7 '19 at 9:07

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