I'm a beginner in hibernate and till this date I have not come across stored procedures.

Can somebody tell me how to execute the following in Hibernate, this stored procedure returns three fields

date, balance, name_of_person

execute procedures 'dfd' 'fdf' '34'

  1. Whether I need to Create the bean in such a way that the bean has the following fields: date, balance, name_of_person

  2. Whether I need to create the property file?

  3. Is it possible to use Criteria for executing procedures in hibernate?

  4. If I the NativeQuery is the only option, then how can I create the property file as I don't have the such a table as the result from the procedure

  5. Is it possible to use native query alone without, using any bean or property file, and printing the results


Here's a simple example:-

Hibernate mapping file

    <sql-query name="mySp">
        <return-scalar column="date" type="date" />
        <return-scalar column="balance" type="long" />
        <return-scalar column="name_of_person" type="string" />

        { call get_balance_sp :name }


List<MyBean> list = sessionFactory.getCurrentSession()
                            .setParameter("name", name)

Bean class

This bean holds the results from the stored procedure. The field names must match the column names from the Hibernate mapping file.

public class MyBean  {
    private Date date;
    private Long balance;
    private String name_of_person;

    // getters and setters
  • Thanks a lot! Simple and undestandable! – Vitalii Aug 12 '14 at 20:05

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