I am trying to create cloudwatch alert of Auto scaling group using terraform. I have used terraform module with github source for cloudwatch alert.

My code for provisioning Auto scaling group is:

   resource "aws_launch_configuration" "main" {
     name_prefix          = "${format("%s-%s-postgres-", var.name, var.environment)}"
     instance_type        = "${var.instance_type}"
     image_id             = "${var.ami}"
     key_name             = "${var.key_name}"
     iam_instance_profile = "${aws_iam_instance_profile.server.id}"
     security_groups      = ["${var.security_groups}", "${aws_security_group.main.id}"]
     user_data            = "${data.template_file.main.rendered}"

  root_block_device {
    volume_size           = "${var.root_volume_size}"
    volume_type           = "gp2"
    delete_on_termination = true

  lifecycle {
    create_before_destroy = true

resource "aws_autoscaling_group" "main" {
  count                     = "${var.size}"
  name                      = "${var.name}-${var.environment}-postgres-asg-${count.index}"
  launch_configuration      = "${aws_launch_configuration.main.name}"
  max_size                  = "${var.max_size}"
  min_size                  = "${var.min_size}"
  desired_capacity          = "${var.desired_capacity}"
  health_check_type         = "EC2"
  health_check_grace_period = 600
  force_delete              = false
  load_balancers            = ["${aws_elb.main.name}"]
  vpc_zone_identifier       = ["${element(var.subnet_ids, count.index % length(var.subnet_ids))}"]
  termination_policies      = ["OldestLaunchConfiguration", "Default"]
  depends_on                = ["aws_launch_configuration.main"]

  tags = ["${list(
      "key", "Name",
      "value", "${var.name}-${var.environment}-postgres-${count.index}",
      "propagate_at_launch", true
      "key", "role",
      "value", "postgres",
      "propagate_at_launch", true
      "key", "LaunchConfigName",
      "value", "${aws_launch_configuration.main.name}",
      "propagate_at_launch", true
      "key", "ServerGroupIndex",
      "value", count.index,
      "propagate_at_launch", true
      "key", "Function",
      "value", "${var.name}",
      "propagate_at_launch", true
      "key", "Stage",
      "value", "${var.environment}",
      "propagate_at_launch", true

  lifecycle {
    create_before_destroy = true

And Terraform code for cloudwatch alarms is:

module "alarm-asg-cpu" {
  source = "git::git@github.com:gruntwork-io/module-aws-monitoring.git//modules/alarms/asg-cpu-alarms?ref=v0.9.1"
  alarm_sns_topic_arns                    = ["${var.ebs_backup_sns_topic}"]
  asg_names                               = ["${aws_autoscaling_group.main.name}"]
  num_asg_names                           ="1"
  high_cpu_utilization_threshold          = "10"
  high_cpu_utilization_period             = "60"
  high_cpu_utilization_evaluation_periods = "1"
  high_cpu_utilization_statistic          = "Average"

module "alarm-asg-disk" {
  source = "git::git@github.com:gruntwork-io/module-aws-monitoring.git//modules/alarms/asg-disk-alarms?ref=v0.9.1"
  alarm_sns_topic_arns                     = ["${var.ebs_backup_sns_topic}"]
  asg_names                                = ["${aws_autoscaling_group.main.name}"]
  num_asg_names                            ="1"
  file_system                              = "/dev/xvdh"
  mount_path                               = "/var/lib/pgsql"
  high_disk_utilization_threshold          = "10"
  high_disk_utilization_period             = "60"
  high_disk_utilization_evaluation_periods = "1"
  high_disk_utilization_statistic          = "Maximum" 

When I run terraform plan command. it shows the following error:

enter image description here

I am stuck in this issue. How can I solve this issue?

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    All of that code is located in the same directory ? It seems the second file is called by a parent module postgres. – Quentin Revel Jan 6 at 9:28
  • No, All this code is located in the same file named "main.tf" – Deependra Dangal Jan 6 at 9:29
  • @QuentinRevel I have used github source with module for cloudwatch alarms? Is this the issue of github repository? – Deependra Dangal Jan 6 at 10:07
  • I don't think so, I don't understand why it is not working – Quentin Revel Jan 6 at 10:48
  • Where's the Postgres module that it's complaining about? – ydaetskcoR Jan 6 at 15:59

So you set count in resource autoscaling

resource "aws_autoscaling_group" "main" {
  count                     = "${var.size}"

the resource will be created as below format, depend on how many count of size you set.


Then when you reference from module "alarm-asg-cpu" you need set count on it as well.

That's the reason why it can't find resource aws_autoscaling_group.main

But there is an open issue in terraform which you can't set count in module


So you need think other way to workaround it, for example, not use count to create resource aws_autoscaling_group, create them one by one

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