I'm trying to write a script for a telegram userbot that can convert any video/animation to a .mp4. I already have it so the script communicates and utilizes the API of cloudconvert.com.

Now my problem lies within the ffmpeg command that I'm passing to CC, as I need to keep videos below 1280 pixels on either side. It doesn't matter if the final video is 720*1280 or 1280*1280 or something completely else, as long as neither of the two sides surpass 1280 pixels.

Here comes the tricky part, I don't want to ruin the aspect ratio and I don't want the video to be upscaled if it's smaller than 1280.

The part of code that is actually relevant is the scale portion. This following piece will resize a video to maximum 1280 pixels in height, but doesn't take the width into account, it just keeps the ratio.

-vf "scale=min'(1280,iw)':-2"

Now how would I have to either adapt it or change it so it will actually resize depending on which side is greater than 1280 pixels?

I hope I'm being specific enough and I'm looking forward to your help.


The problem appears only, if the height is bigger then the width, this increases the number of limits for the width from 2 to 3:

  • width must be less or equal than 1280 (don't exceed width)
  • width must be less or equal than initial width (don't upscale)
  • width must be less or equal than 1280*width/height (don't exceed height)

To test for all cases, you would use min(1280,min(iw,round(1280*iw/ih))), creating a filter of

-vf "scale=min(1280,min(iw,round(1280*iw/ih))):-2"


In some versions of ffmpeg the line above will not work citing self-referencing issues. In this case we can create an alternative line of thought:

  • If the width is bigger than (or equal to) the height, we scale by width using min(iw,1280)
  • If the height is bigger than the width, we scale by height using min(ih,1280)

The expression would then be -vf 'scale=if(gte(iw,ih),min(1280,iw),-2):if(lt(iw,ih),min(1280,ih),-2)'

Don't forget, that you might run this through some shell parsing mechanism, which would additionally create the need to escape the commas. The expression

-vf 'scale=if(gte(iw\,ih)\,min(1280\,iw)\,-2):if(lt(iw\,ih)\,min(1280\,ih)\,-2)'

Is verified to work with versions 2.7.2 to 3.4.4 on ubuntu Linux

  • Okay, that does look helpful, but I still get Errors from it. I have posted those on hastebin.com – ColinShark Jan 6 at 17:45
  • You have a lot of stray single quotes: -vf "scale=min'(1280,min'(iw,round'(1280*iw/ih)')')':-2" - the expression parser doesn't like them – Eugen Rieck Jan 6 at 18:06
  • I have tried to surround each "container" of min() with quotes so FFMPEG might not have problems, but that didn't help. A friend of mine got it to work with -vf "scale=min('1280,'min('iw,round(1280*iw/ih)')''):-2" as he progressively added quotes. Though that still doesn't work for me, but for him... – ColinShark Jan 6 at 18:09
  • Do not use any quotes inside the expression at all - just use quotes around the complete argument to -vf as I did. – Eugen Rieck Jan 6 at 18:51
  • I did that. This is the error I got. hastebin.com/uwojajudez.sql – ColinShark Jan 6 at 18:55

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